Devil Squares®  & Fancy Cakes ®  Chess Set

Makes 32 Servings


32 Cakes Each Devil Squares® & Fancy Cakes®
2 Tubs Each Microwaveable White & Milk
Chocolate Melting Chocolate 
1 Tube Each White & Chocolate Decorating Cookie Icing


Candy Molds for Full-Size Chess Pieces
36” Square Foamboard
Wax Paper


1. Melt all chocolate to make chess pieces. Pour into candy molds and allow to cool completely.
2. Cover foamboard with wax paper so cakes come off cleanly.
3. Unwrap all Devil Squares® and Fancy Cakes®. Arrange them in the alternating pattern of a chessboard on top of the wax paper. 
4. Remove chocolate chess pieces from candy molds. Ice pieces together to form dimensional playing pieces. Place on cake chessboard to start your match play.

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