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Cosmic®  Cupcakes Flowers

Makes 6 Servings


6 Cosmic® Cupcakes
1 Bag Flake Coconut
Green Food Coloring


1 Package Flower-Shaped Decorator Baking Cups from a Hobby or Craft Store
1 Pack Green Chenielle Stems
6 Lollipop Sticks
Hot Glue Sticks & Glue Gun
Floral Foam
Small Flower Pots or Basket


1. Hot glue green chenielle stems onto candy sticks leaving 1.5” uncovered at the top and bottom. Form leaves with small chenielle stem pieces. Glue leaves onto the stems.
2. Sprinkle one cup coconut into sandwich bag. Add about five drops of green food coloring into coconut. Seal bag and shake until coconut is tinted green. Add more food coloring if a darker shade of green is desired.
3. Skewer the cupcakes with the lollipop sticks covered with chenielle stems.
4. Place floral foam into flower pots or basket. Arrange flowers in the foam. Cover foam with coconut for grass.

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