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Cocoa Cremes Penguin Pals

Makes 12 Servings


12 Cocoa Cremes Cakes
1 Tub Microwaveable White Melting  Chocolate
24 Mini Marshmallows
24 Mini Chocolate Coated Candies
30 Orange Jelly Beans


1. Unwrap Cocoa Cremes cakes.
2. Cut 6 orange jelly beans in half and set aside. Pull 24 whole orange jelly beans from package and set aside.
3. Melt white chocolate. Spoon chocolate onto a Cocoa Creme in the shape of a penguin’s belly. Place a cut jelly bean onto the warm chocolate where the beak would go. Place two whole jelly beans onto penguin where the feet would go.
4. Squeeze mini marshmallows flat. Using the chocolate, dot eyes onto the cake. Place marshmallows onto the dots of chocolate.
5. Again, using the warm chocolate, dot pupils onto mini marshmallows. Place mini chocolate coated candies. Allow chocolate to set completely before enjoying.

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